WELCOME to the Curriculum Section of the XUANFA FIVE VIDYAS UNIVERSITY (XFVU) 歡迎您瀏覽宣法五明大學(英文縮寫XFVU)的課程表部份

Painting of Shakyamuni Buddha by HHDCBIII.

Only courses indicated under "Available Courses" on the left are offered in any given trimester. Not all of the classes listed below and in the Catalog of Courses will be available during any given calendar year or are yet available. Several very important courses are awaiting the translation of critical texts by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Others are under development by the facilitators. Students may request additional courses that they wish to take. If there is sufficient interest, XFVU will attempt to find a facilitator/faculty person to administer that class as long as it will support development of one of the five vidyas. Transfer and/or life experience credits may be accepted in the healing, craftsmanship (arts & technology), and sound vidyas under certain circumstances if the student can demonstrate an understanding of how their previous work relates to the five vidyas (is the work of a buddha or bodhisattva). These courses and a few others available for "guest access" are available anytime.   每學期開設的課程都列在左邊的"現有課程”的標記下,下列的課程或課程目錄中的課程並不一定是每學年都開的,有的甚至尚未開設,有幾門非常重要的課還在等待第三世多杰羌佛的要緊的著作被翻譯成英文,也有的課程正在被主持人/領學員開發。學生也可要求開設他們希望有的其它課程,如果對某一門課存在足夠的興趣而且這門課會有助於發展五明中的一明,宣法五明大學將試圖找到主持人/領學員/教職人員來主持這門課。在某些情況下,如果學生能顯出對其以前的所作與五明(佛菩薩做的事)的聯繫的理解,本校可能在醫方明、工巧明(藝術與技術)和聲明方面接受其轉學學分或把生活經歷作為學分。這些課程與在以"來賓訪問”可見到的其它幾門是一直都開著的。

GUEST ACCESS: certain courses are marked with a small human avatar on the right or left hand side (It depends on what program level you are at). That means the content of the course is open to "Guest" access so that those interested in the program can preview what the course will offer by clicking the title of the course. During our development stage, these courses generally are not open to the public. However, if you are interested in any of the courses, please contact us and we will let you know when that course becomes available.   來賓訪問:某些課程的左邊或右邊有一個小人頭像的標記 (取決於你現在科目顯示的哪一層),這意味著這門課的內容是向"來賓”訪問公開的,因而對此科目感興趣的人可以點擊其標題而先看到課程的內容。在我們還在開發某些課程內容的過程中,這些課程一般不向公眾開放,但您如果對哪一門課有興趣,請與我們聯絡而我們會讓您知道這門課何時會開。

Click the little circle containing an "i" next to a course for general information on what the course covers and any prerequisites required. These introductions are provided by the various facilitators.   點擊緊鄰某一門課的有字母"i”的小圓圈就看到此課程的一般信息,包括其內容及選修此課要求的先決條件,這些介紹是各主持人/領學員提供的。

Courses that are offered in Chinese as well as English are so noted. There will be more added as the program develops.  All courses are three credits unless otherwise noted.  Courses that must be taken at the XFVU seminary at one of the Holy Vajrasana Temples are also noted. All other courses are offered on-line as distance learning courses.   用中英文一起上的課程會被標出來,隨著科目的發展,更多的課程會被加入其中。除非另外註明,所有課程都是三個學分。必須在宣法五明大學的位於金剛寶座寺的一地的修道院上的課程也會被標明,其餘的課程都是在網上開設的遠距離教學課程。

Just a note on some of the internet sources used, especially those from Wikipedia. They are given to provide an accessible point of view that is held by some about Buddhism and Buddhist subjects, but they must NOT be considered to be correct or express a correct view. One of the purposes of this program is to help students ascertain just what is correct view and be able to properly evaluate what they read.   這裡提請大家一個對來源於互聯網尤其是維基百科的一些資料的注意,這些是為了提供關於一部份人對佛教或佛教的課題持有的和可接觸到的觀點,但絕不可認為它們就是正確的或代表正確的觀點,本科目的目的之一是幫助學生確認什麼是正確的知見並能評估他們讀到的東西。

Remember that the fundamental mission of the Xuanfa Five Vidyas University is to enable students to gain prajna (transcendental wisdom) and develop their bodhichitta (all encompassing compassion) and to benefit humanity and living beings. The following list of courses is offered with that in mind.   請記住宣法五明大學的根本使命是使學生能獲得般若(超常智慧)和開發其菩提心(無所不容的慈悲)

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