May 20-21, August 1-7, 2017   2017520-21日和81-7

The dharma discourses included in this course are "Have You Thought about the Matters after Death?" and "Why People Get Sick.” Suonan Ciren Rinpoche will do a simultaneous translation of these discourses. Chinese-speaking students may also listen to these discourses elsewhere in Mandarin Chinese.    這門課中包括的法音是"你想過你死後的事嗎?”和  "人為什麼要生病"。索南次仁仁波且將為這些法音作同步翻譯。講中文的學生也可以在另一個地方聽中文的法音。

Click to read "Seven Dharma System of Listening to Dharma Discourses."   請點擊以閱讀"聞法音的七遍制”。

Because this course requires asking and debating questions, the first part will usually be held at the Holy Vajrasana Temple, although special arrangements may be made to hold group or individual listening sessions, discussion groups, and/or debates elsewhere. The other requirements for this course may be done as follow up to the seminar at any location. Homework assignments may be reported on-line below or through other previously arranged means through email, WeChat, and/or U.S. Postal Service.  因為這門課要求提問和辯論問題,第一部份通常是在金剛寶座寺舉行,但也可以通過特殊安排在別處舉行集體或個人聞法、集體討論及/或辯論。課程的其它要求可在任何地方進行研討班的隨後事項,作業可從網上報告或用電子郵件、微信及/或郵寄等事先安排的方式

TEXT: none required.   教科書:不需

PREREQUISITES: Chinese students will need to listen to each of these discourses at least two times prior to class so as to be able to help translator and meet the dharma requirements for listening to dharma.  先修課程或選課條件:中文學生需要在學習此課程之前先聽過這些開示至少二遍以能幫助翻譯員並民族關於聞法的佛法要求。

XFVU SEMINARY COURSE:  ONE Credit-ENGLISH & CHINESE.    宣法五明大學修道課程:學分: 1學分(英文或中文)